Types of Irrigation

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No landscape design is complete without some sort of irrigation plan. Irrigation is the replacement or supplementation of rainwater with another source of water. The main idea behind irrigation systems is that your lawns and plants are maintained with the minimum amount of water required.

Types of Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

This is the most water-conscious of irrigation systems. A drip irrigation system is a good choice for plant and flower beds, vegetable gardens, and beds with trees and ornamentals.  The water is distributed directly onto the root system of the plant. Drip irrigation needs to be run for 30 minutes for it to take effect. If the system is installed properly you can steadily reduce the loss of water through evaporation and runoff.

Sprinkler System

This is an irrigation system based on overhead sprinklers, sprays or guns, installed on permanent risers. Sprinklers toss water into the air, treating vegetation to a rain shower. Sprinkler systems should come on only in the early morning. Which is a popular irrigation system for use on golf courses and parks.

Rotary Systems

This method of irrigation is best suited for larger areas, for the sprinklers can reach distances of up to 100 feet.  This system waters a larger area with small amounts of water over a longer period of time.

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